Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Good Books About Japan: Food & Drink

Japanese food is popular throughout the world and one of the country's best exports. There are lots of books filled with recipes and information as well as those about the history of Japan's varied  cuisine.

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Here is my list of recommendations and personal favourites ...

Japanese Cooking by Emi Kazuko
This fantastic book is like an encyclopedia of Japanese food, recipes and cooking techniques. The first half of the book is dedicated to the tools, ingredients and techniques of Japanese cooking with lots of explanations and photos. The rest of the book is filled with traditional recipes from sushi and noodles to desserts and sweets.

The Japanese Kitchen by Kimiko Barber
Another really useful cookbook with recipes organised by ingredient. Each section also includes details of the ingredient's uses, tips for storage and notes on its appearance and taste. Japanese names, in romaji and Japanese script, are used throughout the book as are lots of colour photos.

Step by Step Sushi by Katsuji Yamamoto & Roger W Hicks
A good book with lots of photos demonstrating various recipes and techniques for making sushi from how to prepare the rice to cutting the fish.

Modern Japanese Cuisine by Katarzyna J. Cwiertka
An interesting book that charts the history of Japanese food from the effects of imperialism and military cooking to the introduction of modern global cuisines.

Tried & Tested by Itsumo Japan!

Entries that bear this stamp are books that are on the Itsumo Japan bookshelf and are especially recommended.


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