Thursday, 4 October 2012

Namagashi: Delicious Japanese Sweets

All photos: Itsumo Japan
I was recently given these very pretty sweets by a very kind Japanese friend.

They are called 京菓子 Kyōgashi.

和菓子 or wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets often eaten with green tea, Kyōgashi are wagashi from Kyōto.

These wagashi are a type of 生菓子 or namagashi a 'wet' jelly-like confectionary that are often made in shapes that evoke the seasons. As you can see these namagashi are shaped like vibrant maple leaves, a mushroom and a rabbit with the full moon - all symbols of autumn. These particular sweets are actually半生菓子 or 'half-wet wagashi' that are less moist. They taste like a very sugary jelly sweet. There are also a couple of chestnut flavoured sweets which were delicious.

As with all wagashi they are made in very delicate and beautiful shapes and colours. The world of wagashi seems quite complex with lots of varieties and flavours. As a self-confessed sugar addict I feel like I could spend a lifetime learning about (and eating) all the different kinds of traditional Japanese wagashi.

You can read more about wagashi and Japanese confectionary here:


Ah kyogashi are so good...Because of you :p , I want to eat some now!!!

The look so pretty, hopefully someday I'll be able to try some!

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