Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Favourite Japan Blogs

There are so many informative and fun blogs about Japan on the web. As well as those written by expats living in Japan there are loads written by my fellow Japan fans wherever they are in the world. There's a surprisingly diverse array of subjects too from blogs specialising in photography and living in Japan to sites dedicated to cinema and TV ads. Here are my favourites:

Kirai: A Geek in Japan
Written by Hector Garcia, who is also the author of two books about Japan, this blog is filled with beautiful photography and interesting articles. In fact, reading Kirai: A Geek in Japan and Garcia's first book 'Momentos' inspired me to create this blog.
Surviving in Japan (Without Much Japanese)
Written by Ashley, an American living in Japan, this blog is jam-packed full of useful information for anyone living in Japan. From finding good toiletries and doing laundry to banking and travel. Invaluable to any foreign resident in Japan.

An interesting blog filled with fun and interesting posts as well as loads of learning resources and advice.

Culture Japan
This impressive and popular blog is written and created by web expert Danny Choo and centres around pop culture and life in Japan.

Super Happy Awesome Fun Time with Sean and Alice!
Written by two Americans living in Japan this blog brings you fun, silly and entertaining news from the world of Japanese pop culture including weekly examples of amusing 'Engrish'.

Haiku Girl's Japan
Haiku Girl, otherwise known as Ali, is a girl after my own heart. As a fellow Japanophile and student of Japanese she writes about her experiences in Japan as well as places here in the UK where you can find Japanese culture.

Muza-chan's Gate to Japan
A fantastic photography blog filled with beautiful images from all over Japan.

Tokyo Times
Another photo-blog this time featuring poignant images of life in Tokyo.

Life in Japan
A cute comic strip about everyday life in Japan.
Quirky Japan Blog
Lots of posts about the quirky aspects of life in Japan and lots of lovely photos. You can also test your knowledge of some unusual Japanese items.

1000 Things About Japan
An interesting insight into Japan through this bloggers list of 1000 things that they will and won't miss when they eventually leave Japan.

Japan Cinema
A goldmine of information about Japanese cinema, anime and TV series.
Japan Probe
A blog filled with articles and news about Japan from various sources.

Pure Japanese TV ads. As simple as that and very addictive.

For even more blogs about Japan websites like Japan Blog List and Japan Blog Directory provide very comprehensive lists.


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A great list that contains many of my favourite Japan blogs. I would have loved to see Japan Australia on the list, maybe in the next edition :)

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