Monday, 28 May 2012

Purikura: Japanese Photo Booths & Purikura Online

I recently stumbled across Punykura and Puricute - websites that allows you to try out the fun of purikura online.

Anyone that has visited Japan will probably have spotted the brightly coloured purikura photo booths usually found in games centres. Purikura or プラクラ takes its name from the english 'print club' and is
a special kind of photo booth where you can take your photo and then add lots of brightly coloured motifs, pictures and text before printing out the images as photos or stickers. It is very popular with girls who love to pose with their friends and swap prints. It is really fun to try and the print-outs make cool souvenirs.

This great video shows how the booths work:

After uploading your photo to the Punykura and Puricute websites (the Punykura site also allows you to take a picture with your webcam) you can add lots of cute pictures and effects as well as text and drawings, just like in a real purikura booth.

This is my attempt. What do you think?

I think it might be my new profile picture ^_^

If you want to learn more about purikura No Puri No Life! is a great blog with lots of information about the different machines and how to use them.

Why not give it a try yourself and share the results on the Itsumo Japan Facebook page?


Nice purikura!

Thank you for the link! :)

You're welcome. Thanks for commenting ^_^

At facebook there is a list of purikura onlinesites.

Look here:

Have fun

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