Saturday, 19 November 2011

Japan Matsuri 2011 Photo Competition

Firstly apologies for leaving it so long before posting anything. I have been working on another project which, along with studying for my Japanese classes, is taking up most of my time.

Secondly last month I was very proud that one of my photographs won 3rd prize in the Japan Matsuri Photography competition.

This picture of a karate demonstration won me a cool Nikon Coolpix P300 and a mention on the Japan Matsuri website. Sadly I missed out on the amazing 1st prize of return flights to Japan but it was still cool!


Congratulations on coming 3rd place in the photography competition; what a fantastic action shot! :)

It's the best SHOT!!!!! Amazing!!


Thank you Kanako! ありがとうございます^_^

Laura, well done and congratulations. Regards, John (the one kicking the pad).

Thanks John, I really enjoyed the demonstration. Keep up the good work!

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