Monday, 3 October 2011

London: The British Musuem

All images: Itsumo Japan (unless otherwise stated)
The British Museum
Bloomsbury Square
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The main collection of the British Museum's Japanese artifacts are displayed in Rooms 92-94 also known as the Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries. Within these rooms you can see a continually changing display of objects dating from Ancient Japan to modern day ranging from porcelain, kimono and samurai swords to woodblock prints and modern manga comics. There is also a reconstruction of a traditional tea house along with authentic items used during tea ceremonies.

The gallery is also the venue for regular tea ceremony demonstrations by the London branch of the Urasenke Foundation.

Ainu clothing and jewellery
Replica teahouse
Colourful ceramics

Samurai armour and weapons

A scroll showing illustrations from The Tale of Genji

Woodblock prints

Further Japanese items can be found in Room 68, the HSBC sponsored Money gallery. Amongst other currencies from throughout the world and history examples of Wad tsho coins (Japan's 1st coin) and other ancient Japanese coins can be seen.

The HSBC Money Gallery
Image: British Museum

Silver Wad tsho coins
Image: British Museum

Gold 10 ryō ōban
Image: British Museum


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