Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Japan Centre, London

A must-visit location in London for all Japanophiles

14 - 16 Regent St.
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Currently celebrating 35 years of business, the Japan Centre in Piccadilly is a must-visit destination for anyone that is interested in Japan. Though the centre is relatively small it manages to pack in shop space for Japanese pastries and desserts, a fresh fish and meat counter, homewares and gifts, a small selection of books, ready-made sushi and bentō boxes and a small cafe space as well as the usual selection of Japanese groceries. On a recent visit I bought a pretty glass fūrin windchime from the homewares section tucked into a back corner of the shop. Its wide range of products makes the Japan Centre popular with London's population of Japanese students and expats as well as Japanese tourists and local Japanophiles. Because of this the narrow aisles of the shop can easily become difficult to navigate if you get the timing of your visit wrong. Don't make my mistake and try to browse when there's a Japanese tour coach parked outside. However, it is worth braving the crush of shoppers for the wide range of Japanese products available and the chance to practice a little Japanese with the friendly staff. The centre also holds regular Japanese-themed events such as food tastings and New Year mochi making.

If you can't make it to London to visit the Japan Centre you can buy a wide selection of products online.

Examples of products for sale:
Noodles and rice
Cooking sauces, shoyu, mirin etc
Snacks and sweets
Japanese bread and bakery goods
Mochi and desserts
Fresh fish and meats
Bento lunchboxes
English-language books about Japan and textbooks
Japanese-language magazines
Cookware and crockery
Homewares and gifts

Opening Times:
Mon - Sat: 10am ~ 9pm
Sun: 11am ~ 7pm

Shop Online? Yes - www.japancentre.com
Japanese-Speaking Staff? Yes


I love Japan Centre and can't wait for my next trip to London so I can pick up some more Hello Kitty shaped bread and some of their homemade green tea ice cream, it's yummy! :)

I know, I love it too! It's amazing how much different stuff they sell there. I wish I lived in London :(

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