Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cooking Japanese Style with Kracie Poppin' Cookin'

Thanks to RRcherrypie's videos I recently discovered these Poppin' Cookin' sets made by Kracie. Each set includes all the ingredients and tools that you need to make miniature, edible replicas of some classic Japanese dishes. There are three sets; Bento, Rāmen and Gyōza and, my personal favourite, Sushi. I love the ingenious way that the various fruit-flavoured jellies are mixed and used to create pretty convincing sushi, I can't say how they taste but they do look good. I especially love the way that the
ikura (salmon roe) sushi is made ...


Wow.. That's a bit frightening how real it looks~ Especially the roe. Haha.

I know! I love how the 'tuna' and 'omelette' has a realistic texture too, genius!

Does anyone know where to by popin cookin in london? I have bought them off ebay, but would be nice to able to get them locally. Thanks Dan

Hi Dan, the Japan Centre have the sushi and ramen sets on their website so they will probably sell them in store too:
Thanks for commenting ^_^

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