Sunday, 10 July 2011

Learning About Japanese Culture: University Resources Online

For anyone interested in studying or researching japanese culture these websites provide excellent information written by academics from leading universities.

The White Rose East Asia Centre website contains a wealth of well-written and well-researched information about all aspects of Japan. A blog written by the University of Sheffield's Dr Thomas
McAuley's discusses subjects like The Tale of Genji, dorama and language learning while there are also essays about subjects like sociology and film written by other academics and links to further websites.

Columbia University's Contemporary Japan: Culture & Society site features videos of Harvard University academics speaking about aspects of japanese society such as the family, pop culture and religion, links to further information, a bibliography for each subject and transcripts of the videos.

MIT's Visualizing Cultures combines academic essays with images that depict unusual and interesting aspects of japanese history and culture such as Commodore Perry's entry into Japan, foreign tourists in Meiji Japan and cosmetic advertising from the early 20th century.


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