Thursday, 9 June 2011

Taste the Orient Oriental Supermarket, Leeds

The best place in Leeds for Japanese snacks, drinks and ingredients

117 - 119 Vicar Lane
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Image: Itsumo Japan

In its previous incarnation across the road on North Court the Wing Lee Hong Chinese supermarket was a well-stocked warren of tightly packed aisles piled high with all manner of exotic ingredients. The new premises on Vicar Lane are bigger, brighter and hold an even wider range of products. As you wander the aisles, gazing at the exotic and alien packaging, the sound of Chinese advertisements being played on TVs around the store creates the feeling of being miles away from Yorkshire making shopping here as much as about escapism as buying groceries. The shop boasts a good selection of oriental fruit and vegetables and a large freezer section as well as wide selections of spices, sweets and snacks, drinks, teas, noodles and desserts, everything you need for cooking up an asian feast. But, of course, what we're really interested in is the Japanese food and drinks on offer.

Taste the Orient has an extensive stock of Japanese food and ingredients which is varied and often added to. Recent months have seen many frozen Japanese products such as mixed vegetables, fish pastes and the infamous natto added to the store. It is also a good place to shop if you're craving the delicious sweets and snacks that you became addicted to the last time you were in Japan as they often stock brands like Pocky, Lotte and Glico. If, like me, you enjoy cooking Japanese dishes at home you will find the shop an invaluable source for ingredients like mirin, dashi stock and shoyu too.

Examples of products for sale:
Noodles: fresh, dried and frozen.
Shoyu, mirin and rice vinegar.
Tofu: all kinds including abura age.
Curry sauces.
Sushi-making ingredients.
Stocks and rice seasonings.
Frozen foods: Japanese vegetables, kamaboko and narutomaki fish pastes, natto, ice cream mochi and gyoza pastry.
Teas including matcha.
Sweets and snacks such as Pocky, Koala March biscuits, wasabi peas and seaweed crackers.
Soft drinks including Pocari Sweat, iced teas and aloe vera drinks.
Alcoholic drinks such as umeshu, sake and Japanese beers.

Opening Times:
Mon - Sat: 10am ~ 5.30pm
Sun: 11.30am ~ 5.30pm
Closed on Bank Holidays.

Shop Online? No
Japanese-Speaking Staff? No


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